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Easy for clubs to manage

More Bookings

Advertise your club to 1000s of players who can book online instantly.

Less Admin

Reduce cancellations, errors and workload with automated booking management.

Instant Payments

Users pre-pay online, so no more chasing up payments and reconciling money.

On the Go

Manage your club online from anywhere in the world with any mobile device.

Online Bookings

Accept bookings and receive automatic confirmation on your phone and email.

Class management

Manage your classes and instructors, check schedules and record attendance.

Manual Bookings

Simply add bookings you receive over the phone or by email.


Set up memberships to enhance loyalty, give discounts or special access.

Staff Access

Control access to information for grounds-team, booking or finance managers.

Block Bookings

Seamlessly manage block bookings and help to prevent no-shows.

We make it easy for players to book


Players can choose their favourite club or see others clubs around their location.


Select the available slots or filter for type of field, course or court, day and time.


After placing the booking and paying, all you need to do is enjoy!


Make full use of our campaigns and brand ambassadors to advertise your club.


Save time by grouping all your monthly transactions into simple invoices.


Real data that allows you to optimize all the tasks of your club, reducing errors and costs.

 24/7 Booking

No need to have someone constantly available, players can book online anytime. 

Social Interaction

Players can share bookings, invite Facebook friends and add phone contacts.

Split Payment

Register more players in your club by giving greater facilities in the payment.

"Kissena Court Restoration by Kith for Wilson" Vimeo, uploaded by KITH, August 25, 2021,

Turn your club into a destination for players

Club Revamp

We help with full restorations or simple revamps, make your club shine.

Special Events

Host unique events, tournaments and matches, bring more players to your club.


Grow with our wide network of athletes, sports brands and other established companies.

Tennis, soccer, rugby, cricket – whatever the sport, wherever the facility, Sports Corner makes it easy for players to book, easy for clubs to manage!

Management & Booking Solution 
for Sport Facilities